Pictures at: EXPCon 2011

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I prefer the gallery views.

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A New EXPerience

While I do not have great EXPectations for this upcoming EXP Con, I am EXPecting it to be EXPonentially more fun than an average day at work. I shall be taking photos, hopefully all within acceptable EXPosure, great EXPressions and EXPoses poses. Good FFUUUtography is my goal, despite the epic EXPedition that is the trip from Miami to St. Augustine, and I will surely be EXPressing some despair throughout…. Well, this post was fun… Looking forward to the con!

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I mustache you a question…

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For all 3 people that might end up on this page and do not already know, I am the FFFUUUtography photographer. As you might infer from the title, I try to get photographs that are somehow amusing. To myself.

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New Beginnings

Despite the obvious reference to Glee in the title of this post, I refuse will try not to start off my blog talking about the show. I will also refrain myself from writing as if I had Brittany’s intelligence, no matter how tempting that sounds. Although I definitely should mention that I was born on the exact same day as Lea Michele. OK, enough Glee. This blog will ACTUALLY be about (most likely) anime convention photography and overall informational (hopefully) ramblings. Because that, of course, will surely make me very popular. Maybe also a little bit of movies or tech. End of Line.

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